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Betty Layward knew that every child has potential. Our world is ever changing and moving forward. If children are prepared for life with the skills to advance, adapt and grow then this potential will blossom.
Our purpose is to inspire, develop and nurture every child to have the confidence to learn.

We’d like to thank Charlotte Desai, Dezeen, Ingrid Karikari, The School Communications Group and Peter Adjaye (Music) for creating this video.

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Pupils are proud to be part of the school.
Ofsted Report 2014
Pupils are motivated and inspired, and this helps them to raise their own aspirations of what they want to achieve.
Ofsted Report 2014
The school is a hive of creative activities and gives pupils rich and stimulating learning experiences. Learning is enhanced by arts, music and exciting trips and visits. This helps to motivate pupils and contributes strongly to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
Ofsted Report 2014

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